Underpasses transformed into interactive gateways by Dan Corson

The American artist Dan Corson has transformed two underground tunnels located inSan Jose, California, in a parade of lights and colors, this ingenious artist managed to transform these tunnels into an urban and unprecedented interactive experience.



img_4_1450336859_6e23526d05c6486633eb5e43f370b65c img_3_1450336859_f4f340b17dcd80fa120bc90f8000ca05  img_5_1450336859_1e06887f25cb6e7977a8f47c3b3e6249


This work consists of nearly 1,000 LED rings painted and 81 dimensions of individual control that respond to movement sensors all these are aimed at pedestrian walking areas and cycle paths. These tunnels interact with objects that pass near them, from a car to a bicycle.

No doubt this artist will fascinate us with his work, giving life, light and movement to forgotten places in the urban landscape.





To see more works by the artist you can follow him on his official website.

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