Sophie Calle: The french conceptual photography using human being intimacy.

Sophie Calle is a French writer, photographer, director and conceptual artist.

The main purpose of her work is intimacy in human beings and particularly her intimacy.




In the late ’70s presents its first series of photographs. She herself described the Sleepers (Sleepers) project as follows:

I asked some people to provide me some sleep. Come to sleep in my bed. Being photographed. Answer some questions. I proposed to each stay of about eight hours of normal sleep. Contacted by telephone with 45 people: unknown whose names I had been suggested by common acquaintances, friends and neighborhood residents called in to sleep during the day, (…) My room had to be a space occupied constantly for 8 days, succeeding sleepers at regular intervals. (…) The bed occupancy began on April 1, 1979 at 17 and ended on Monday, April 9, 1979 at 10, 28 sleepers followed. Some crossed (…) A set of clean bed was available (…) was not know, surveying, but to establish a neutral and distant contact. I took pictures all hours. I watched my guests sleeping.



Sophie is considered one of the most important artists of this century and was considered by Newsweek as one of the most important contemporary artists.





No doubt this ingenious artist uses parts of everyday life of human beings to create her art taking the most precious thing” “Intimacy”

To learn more about Sophies works you can visit this website.


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