Super-Realistic Works of Art – Juan Francisco Casas


Can you believe all these incredible pictures were all made with ballpoint pens. Juan Francisco Casas‘ ultra-realistic pen drawings have give inspiration to many people ho appreciate hyper-realism all over the internet due to his popularity. Casas works on huge projects, using nothing more than a blue Bic pen to recreate this amazing photos of playful young people. The Spanish artist has exhibited his remarkable art on many places around the world.






Most of the people on his drawings are almost always women. “There are models, are friends of mine, so that complicity and spontaneity is reflected”. He calls it “domestic hedonism”. I usually choose women because I am interested in the ways of his body “However, Casas establishes a unique artist-model relationship.” They choose how they want to be represented. In art history, he has always been the painter or the husband who decided how she should pose woman. I like that they choose. ”

Juan Francisco Casas mouth





Visit Juan Francisco Casas website for more.

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