Stained Glass Windows Of Popular Artist and Characters by Neal Fox

Neal Fox creates an utterly gorgeous series of stained-glass windows in imitation of the iconography of saints found in cathedrals. The series include Johnny Cash, J.G. Ballard, Hunter S. Thompson,Albert Hofmann, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Serge Gainsbourg, Aleister Crowley, William S. Burroughs, Billie Holiday, and Francis Bacon.

stained art glass
Serge Gainsbourg
stained-art-glass (2)
Jay Hawkins
stained-art-glass (3)
Albert Hofmann
stained-art-glass (4)
Hunter S Thomson
stained-art-glass (5)
JG Ballard
stained-art-glass (6)
Johnny Cash
stained-art-glass (8)
John Watson
stained-art-glass (9)
Francis Bacon
stained-art-glass (10)
Billie Holiday
stained-art-glass (11)
William Burroughs
stained-art-glass (12)
Aleister Crowley

stained-art-glass (7)

Check more of Neal Fox art works at his  Website.