“Social Reality” surrealistic paintings by Erik Thor Sandberg

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Erik Thor Sandberg is an American artist born in Washington, D.C. His vocation for painting is phenomenal, because this artist has a unique style.

Erik tries in his paintings express an opinion on the human and beyond moral; human identity.

Erik Thor Painting
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Mixing portraits of people with various elements rebranded Erik creates art in which he tests the human identity by contrasting it with some of the moral and human problems of the XXI century.
From his early work Erik managed to capture the attention around the world because of the thin line painted in his work between the vices and virtues, tinged with human imperfection.

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No doubt Erik is one of the most original painters of the XXI century and recognized due to the complexity of his works and social causes involved in each of his paintings.
Using symbolisms this artist adorns his works and full it of drama and realism.
To learn more about Erik you can access this website or follow him on his Facebook account.

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