New 3d Projections video titled “Mayakovsky” by Sila Sveta

This incredible video was presente by artist Sila Sveta previously here and was presented at the Grand Prix of vision Modern art in Moscow in 2015 and in the ligth International festival “Circle of ligth”. This artist is well known because of its wonderful 3D animations, which enliven and adorn an accurate and beautiful way different choreographies performed by professional dancers.

The scenery is perfect because it is an old building that holds 3d animations and thanks to this masterpiece can fit with perfect musical elements, artistic and architectural.
No doubt Sila Sveta is a world renowned artist for his artworks, which always accompanies with various elements, uses technology to create art and mixed with human elements such as dancing.


If you want to know more about Sila you can access this official website or access here.

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