Mura Masa new music ‘U’

This is the video of the new song titled “U” by british artist and music producer Alexander Crossan better known as Mura Masa and was directed by Yoni Lappin in 2015.

Mura Masa is an electronic music producer which plays different instruments and has a super musical skill developed with which manages to mix very strange sounds and create unprecedented musical works.

Mura Masa started His career  by posting in SoundCloud his mixtape called Soundtrack to a Death in 2014.
In this video we see an excellent picture and innsolit way to capture glimpses into the beauty and feminine attitude, by mixing electronic and acoustic sounds and images Mura Masa and Yoni Lappin could create a very interesting and perfect video for Mura Masa fans.


If you want to know more about the work of this artist you can access this website or follow him on his Twitter account.


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