Contemporary Japanese Street Art by MOCA


Interesting Video of contemporary Japanese street artist revealing what are the main situations that actually drove them to Street Art.

Thought-provoking short film released by MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART LOS ANGELES  introduces contemporary street art in Japan through the imagery and thoughts of three internationally renowned artists: ESOW, AIKO, and the duo KAMI & SASU, who also go by the name HITOTZUKI. Each of them speak about their culture and what compels them to create art in the streets while Tokyo’s sights and sounds, expertly recorded, provide a sensory view of the metropolis.


Aiko Street Art

Producer: Kenichi Yamamura

Director: Shinsuke Tatsukawa
Assistant Director: Masashi Nagara
Art Director: Tomori Furukawa,
Camera Crew: Shinsuke Tatsukawa, Masashi Nagara, Hiharu Takagi
Translator: Chris Hammond
Special Thanks: Ethel Seno, John Toba, Nick Wiedner


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