Colorful murals made only with spray paint by HOXXOH

Artist Douglas Hoekzema better known as Hoxxoh created colorful murals spirals shaped using only spray paint of diferent colors.

Douglas is well known for creating murals such as extravagant and his artworks are exhibited in some parts of the city such as Miami Marine Stadium and José De Diego Middle School .


wall-pain (2)

wall-pain (3)

wall-pain (4)

Douglas creates his amazing artworks using spray paint and different plates to mold painting, overlaying different layers one after the other he creates this effect so particular in his paintings.

One of the most interesting things to observe in Douglas works is that in many of his paintings seem that you are observing a portal to another dimension, due to the effect given to the paintings.

wall-pain (5)







To see and know more about Douglas Hoekzema works you can visit this website or acces here.



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