Check these incredible human metal sculptures By Gil Bruvel

These human figure sculptures by Texas-based artist Gil Bruvel seem more fluid than solid, as if the wind could simply blow them apart.

The artist born in Sydney, Australia Gil Bruvel presented here previously currently is 57 years old, no longer impress us with his so spectacularly facility for innovate new ways to create works of art.



This ingenious artist has sculpted wonderful sculptures created entirely of metal.
In this series of photographs you can appreciate its newest sculptures wich are a continuation of his previous work presented here.

For the creation of these sculptures the artist used solid metal which was molded and sculpted to give the finishing touch to his sculptures.




18-the-builder-bronze -sculpture-horse-by-gil-bruvel



It is certainly an unprecedented because of the difficulty to handle the material he used for the creation of these works of art.
To learn more about the artist’s work you can access this website.

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