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    BeJoe is a new meeting platform to manage free time, thanks to friends. It allows users to spot their influencers, their persons of trust in various activities (restaurants, culture, travels, shopping…) through good plans, recommendations and events organization… Because we do not entrust our fun to just anyone! […]

BeJoe – We help each other out! by Mute

Artist Douglas Hoekzema better known as Hoxxoh created colorful murals spirals shaped using only spray paint of diferent colors. Douglas is well known for creating murals such as extravagant and his artworks are exhibited in some parts of the city such as Miami Marine Stadium and José De Diego Middle School .

Colorful murals made only with spray paint by HOXXOH

Levon Biss  is Commercial photographer, he typically shoots portraits of world class athletes & sports players in motion.  His new series “Microsculpture“originally started as a side-project capturing the detail of bugs that his son would catch at home, and is now displayed in an exhibition at the Oxford museum . Levon Biss has created a […]

The groundbreaking insect photography of Levon Biss.