Documenting Stepwells by journalist Victoria Lautman

India is a developing country, which holds many secrets and places full of magic and history, this Asian country has many architectural constructions forgotten by time called step-wells which were built in a surprising way.



Mertani Baoli, Jhunjhunu. Image © Victoria S. Lautman





These temples look like a door to hell and were built with a main function which was the access to the water table in areas where the climate was too dry throughout the year.


These wonderful buildings dating from the 2nd and and 4th  century B.C. and because of his long stay in that country conditions in many of these buildings are damaged, including many could disappear entirely in a very short time.


Victoria Lautman has repeatedly traveled to India for the past 4 years documenting and photographing your stay such legendary buildings.

For more about the work of the artist you can access this page.


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