Amazing TED Talk: Psychedelic Science – by Photographer Fabian Oefner

The Artist and Swiss Photographer is in the mission of the UN Science Daily Attractive visual art . In this charming talk, we hypothesize Some of psychedelic recent images , including photographs of crystals that interact with sound waves. And In a live demonstration , Sample happens when you mix really magnetic paint or Liquid When Catching Fire whiskey.


cropped-logo_2011169_y938453yh_screen_display.png“What I find intriguing about the two is that they both come to the same thing : they are a response to what surrounds them. And yet, they do it in a very different way. If you see science on the one hand , science is a very rational approach that surrounds it , while art on the other hand is usually an emotional to the surrounding approach. What I ‘m trying to do is to try to unite these two visions in one, so my pictures speak both to the heart of the observer as to his brain. Let me demonstrate this based on three projects.”

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