Amazing new flipped head architecture design by Cinta Vidal.

Cinta Vidal (1)

The Barcelona-based artist Cinta Vidal has made architectural landscape painting invested in such a way that breaks with the traditional way of representing the urban and natural spaces and to represent it unlimited amounts of space and perspective.

Cinta Vidal (3)

Cinta Vidal (4)

Cinta Vidal (5)

Cinta Vidal (6)

Cinta Vidal (7)

This wonderful artist shows us how she set up her paintings to express a spatial complexity in the internal space.

Cinta Vidal (8)

By turning this theme the artist helps us better understand the complexity of three-dimensional spaces, painting them in a very particular and dramatically.

Cinta Vidal (9)


No doubt that this beautiful and wonderful artist has been painting since she was a child, and her paintings and style reflect the complexity of her works and her wonderful way to appreciate the space and transform it.

Cinta Vidal (2)

For more curb the artist’s work you can access this page Facebook.


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