Amazing immersive digital light cube exposed in moscow’s VDNKh Park by Marcos Zotes

This majestic work of digital art is exhibited at the VDNKh park in the Russian capital, Moscow.



This artist managed to create a unique piece of art without, mixing 3D digital animation with an intense variety of colors, the artist managed to create this sculpture and animation at once.

All visitors to the pavilion can access the exhibition from different locations  the cube offers different angles for viewers visit vertically or horizontally.

p-cube-marcos-zotes-moscow-russia-designboom-07 (1)


This wonderful exhibition is currently in Russia hopefully in the not too distant future reach other parts of the world to be appreciated.

p-cube-marcos-zotes-moscow-russia-designboom-018 p-cube-marcos-zotes-moscow-russia-designboom-013 p-cube-marcos-zotes-moscow-russia-designboom-012

To see more works by the artist you can access here.

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